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Al Manahil SPA Packages

Select from a range of indulgent SPA experiences, whether for relaxation, revitalization or beauty care, and enjoy your time in the most blissful Al Manahil care.  Our experts will assist you design a spa experience tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

Bridal Package

Our bridal and pre-wedding spa programs in Al Manahil are impeccably made to help you be pristinely beautiful, restored and revitalized, ready for the big day. 
Let us take care of your beauty and make-over needs as you relax and indulge in your wedding bliss, and emerge as the Dream Bride.
The Five Destinations By Thali(Sens

Destination 1- The Detoxifying Oriental Itinerary 
With warm gestures, the ritual allows the body to rid itself of toxins, the skin becomes beautiful. The body is restored to a feeling of well-being as in the Oriental tradition of purification.

The Program (120min)
Wind of Sands Scrub   - 30min
Spices & Seaweeds Body Wrap – 30min
Sun Ocean Massage – 60min

Destination 2- The Revitalizing Atlantic Dive 
The ritual is composed of a new gesture, of ingredients used to recharge the organism with minerals.

The Program (120min)
Sea Salt Scrub- 30min
Algae Secrets Body Wrap- 30min
Rhythm of Waves Massage - 60min

Destination 3- The Soothing Asiatic Escape 
From Asia, the land of beauty and serenity, we invite you to enjoy some rare and precious moments.

The Program (120min)
Calm Water Scrub- 30min
Pearl Foam Body Wrap- 30min
Satin Breath Massage- 30min

Destination 4- The Relaxing Polynesian Journey 
Relaxed, the body is savoring a pure relaxing moment, in an atmosphere of the perfumes of the tiare flower and coconut.

The Program (120min)
Coconut Temptation crystalline - 30min
Atoll transparency Body Wrap- 30min
Turquoise Lagoon Massage - 30min
Pearl Body Mask- 30min

Destination 5- The Energizing Amazonian Escapade 
Thoughts of a humid atmosphere, of luxuriant and wild vegetation, this mysterious ritual speaks of warmth and life: Invigorating, it is perfect to give new energy of a new departure and to feel happy in itself.

The Program (120min)
Rouge Corail Srub - 30min
Depth Lands Body Wrap- 30min
Woody Wave Massage - 60min

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