About Us

Al Manahil Entertainment Company Ltd

Al Manahil Entertainment Co. is one of the leading company in Beauty, Fitness and Sports sectors in Riyadh. Our aim is to offer best services to all women located at one place.

Al Manahil Entertainment Co. is a NON-PROFIT company outlined with its distinct support of Princess Madawi Fund for Women Entrepreneurship Development "Deem Al Manahil".

Our History

More than 25 Years of Excellency

The ambition started in 1990 with the need to develop a place for Saudi women to meet, entertain, get fit and practice sports with their kids with the opening of Al Manahil Fitness Center and Al Manahil Sports Club in the first place. This initiative was followed by the launching of Al Manahil SPA & Salon the same year to cover all women needs in term of beauty, care and relaxation. Keeping abreast of the latest health and fitness techniques and self-development, here came later the opening of Al Manahil Mind & Body and Al Manahil Ballet & Performances Studios.

We always strive for more!

Al Manahil Entertainment Co. has undergone major upgrading of its services and facilities as well as a complete renovation of the lobby, Fitness Center, SPA and Salon in 2016 to provide its clients with the most modern and luxurious settings in a relaxed and friendly environment.

… and the dream goes on!

Our Vision

To be a regional pioneer in providing unique and quality services for our valued customers

Our Mission
  • Providing exceptional experiences to our Customers
  • Offering competitive prices for our services
  • Acquiring state of the art equipment and machines
  • Developing and retaining a professional team
  • Sharing the charity concept with our valued customers and employees
  • Providing cycle model of converting opportunities into charities support
Our Goals
  • Expanding Al Manahil market share in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing new elegant services by utilizing the latest technologies and products
  • Develop new capabilities, internal controls, and organizational transformation, to reach high level of excellence
  • Establish cooperation and partnerships with charities and other communities
  • Attracting, developing and retaining talented calibers by offering career opportunities, and a healthy working environment
  • Improving and maintaining Al Manahil client satisfaction by creating long-term value and delivering high quality services
Our Values
  • Client-Satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Charity


Al Manahil Holding

Looking towards creativity and distinct investment horizons, Al Manahil Holding Company was launched in 2014, a company with modern vision and expertise of more than 25 years acquired from its subsidiaries: Al Manahil Entertaining Co. www.almanahil.com.sa, Al Manahil Deco www.almanahildeco.com.sa and Deem Al Manahil www.deem-almanahil.org.

Al Manahil Holding is considered today the mother company responsible for all its subsidiaries affairs.