Sport and Fitness Center:

Ladies by joining Al Manahil, you will achieve your physical and mental goals, where staff constantly strive to exceed the customer’s expectations, our fertile team are always developing new programs and activities to entice its Members & Guests, so, whatever your need’s are, losing weight, toning up or to re-invent yourself, we here at Al Manahil are ready to assist and coach you forwards.
Enjoy swimming in our high specification pool. Discover wonderful water activities under the supervision of our expert swimming staff. We also offer swimming courses for all ages, just join us and let our expert trainers improve your skills in swimming with new and special water movements or activities.

All the trainers have Certificates recognized internationally also Al Manahil is proud of its ongoing continuing education programs it offers for its staff.

Juice Bar:

To maintain your health and fitness enjoy fresh seasonal juices and snacks, in the juice bar at fitness center.